For the final project in “Intro To Digital Art” course, the class is challenged to use their new technical skills to intervene physical and virtual social spaces on campus, creating work that seeks to transform spatial, social, and geographical relations through mediated experiences. 

Kate Sloan - =What is Happening? 2010
For this video, Kate Sloan used twitter as a tool to collect social data. In this case, she was interested in what 
students wrote on twitter during finals week. She saw an interesting contradiction in the fact that students 
complained about the lack of sleep, and stress of finals, but also managed to find the time to constantly post 
on twitter. After the data was gathered, Kate scanned old Biology books and created a diorama, which was 
photographed to create a stop motion animation.

Derek Noble - A Walk to Class, 2012
In this video piece, Derek explored the many instances in which security cameras capture daily activities at Elon University. Using his own camera and friends as actors, he shot footage from every security camera angle within a regular walk to class.