Rock Is Dead, 2006
Bogotá is home to one of the largest rock festivals in South America: "Rock Al Parque" is a free yearly event provided and managed by the mayor's office of Art and Culture in assiciation with major international corporations. At its peak, the festival attempted to represent the totality of youth culture active in the city under the flag of Rock and Roll music. This clashed directly with the advent of Internet 2.0 and its vast offering of subcultural and alternative forms. In Rock Is Dead, a series of stickers carrying the sentence "EL ROCK ESTÁ MUERTO" were pasted in urban paths associated with local rock culture. Their immediate and furious defacing illustrated the violence and aggression exercised by political masses in states of institutionalized culture. 

Stickers and series of 12 photographs. C-print on archival paper, 24 x 36 inches.