PR, 2019
PR is a video-installation derived from a performance orchestrated by the artist which was announced and presented to the Bogotá public as an official presentation of the Russian collective Pussy Riot. The performance used local actors lip-syncing to a setlist composed by the artist in collaboration with a local punk band. The work is based on an incident from 2018 in which Pussy Riot performed at the local government-sponsored festival "Rock Al Parque" using doubles while its original members performed the same night in Edinburgh. When disgruntled local fans questioned this tactic via social media, the official response was “Any Can Be Pussy Riot.” PR uses this invitation to insert a series of questions about professionalized revolution, the symbiotic relations of Pussy Riot and other revolutionary icons with the imperialist practices of the USA, the role of the CIA in contemporary art, modern propaganda, and fake news. Throughout the piece —from its lyrical content to the reaction of the public— the level of deception to which we are accustomed as receivers of media and news increasingly constructed on fiction is revealed.