Summer Residency at Casa Tres Patios. Medellín, Colombia.

From 1936 to 1945, Colombian philosopher Fernando González wrote, edited, directed and distributed “Revista Antioquía” from his house in Medellín. "Antioquía" was a self-published magazine from which he peered and laughed at the perpetual show depicting the reality of politics and media in Colombia, "using the right of every citizen to enjoy and make others enjoy the show; that is what’s invaluable about life: It’s free representation itself. " With slogans like "We live as The Enemy," "We are pirates" and "To hell with success!" this pamphlet was presented as an evolving anti-manifesto that consolidated the angular voice of Gonzalez and, in turn, appropriated a common voice, the voice of Antioquia.

During June and July 2012, ANTI-OQUIA (a pirate agency based in Casa Tres Patios in Medellín) is inviting the local public to re-imagine the project of the Antioquia magazine (1936-1945) for the Medellin of today. This process will be documented in a publication for which materials of all kinds will be selected. Although focusing on content with an emphasis on literary and critical text, this new printed iteration also aims to incorporate visual art in print and online media. The selection of the material that will comprise the final publication will be made by editorial boards open to the public, where authors and publishing participants will propose the new rules of the publication. A final exhibition and launch event announce the future of this troubled agency.

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