The Nationals, 2016
The Nationals is a 3-channel video installation based on an experimental soccer game orchestrated in the city of Medellín, Colombia. The video depicts a match between Medellín locals and American tourists in which the visiting team wears uniforms reminiscent of the local city team "Atlético Nacional", also known as "El Verde" ("The Green"). During the match, the visitors increasingly gain players in the field and are frantically cheered by the spectators, culminating in an absurd performance with interruptions for advertisements from real local businesses. The Nationals plays with the tensions and mutual societal assimilations generated by recent mass American and European tourism in the city of Medellín, emphasizing in the ways in which the expanded social geography is molded by the economic forces of neocolonialism.

Video stills, view of installation at 44 Salón Nacional de Artistas - Pereira, Colombia, 2016, 5:00 min video excerpt.

The Nationals
3 Channel video, 22:54 min.
Wood construction
Dimensions variable