Jeep VIP, 2015
Jeep VIP is an installation derived from a site-specific project produced in Medellín, Colombia, as part of MDE15 (An international quadrennial hosted by Museo de Antioquia). In this piece, a group of local military jeep civilian hobbyists driving their own makeshift replica vehicles performed as the official tour service for the event, transporting guests around the MDE15 hosting venues during the inaugural weekend. Jeep VIP explores the extent to which local culture has assimilated the Colombian armed conflict, to the point of which icons of military presence have become toys for adults. The piece also aims to question the role of art and culture within the current official discourse of “postconflict” in Colombia while experimenting with intense situations of exclusivity and participation in institutional art circuits.

2-4 video channels, 4 large scale photographs, 1 large banner, postcards
Video duration: 127:13 minutes loop. (5:00 min. excerpt)
Dimensions: variable.