Full Collabs, 2018
Full Collabs is a set of imagined collaborations with the Air Jordan and Supreme brands. The pieces aim to reflect on the circular logic of capitalism and the collapse between public fashion statements and private auto-exploitation rituals modeled by viral marketing. In Supremo, a video animation and a series of one-of-a-kind t-shirts confront the glossy editorial image with the emotional reality of the demographic targeted by it. In Harmonic, a kinetic sculpture displays a frame-by-frame t-shirt animation of a mutated version of the Air Jordan logo, inspiring a critical interpretation of branding as it connects to contemporary social movements. Its constant rotation serves as a meditation on the feedback between activism and commerce. 

Mechanically intervened rack - Electric AC Motor
12 one-of-kind T-Shirts, silkscreen on fabric

HD Video Animation
40 one-of-kind T-Shirts, silkscreen on fabric